Sunday, November 3, 2013

Zombie Tsunami for SGY

Zombie Tsunami for sgy

The zombies are revolting ! In Zombie Tsunami, take your place in a crowd of rampaging undead as you race through the city attacking the unfortunate survivors and adding them to your unstoppable throng of hungry, hot-footed horrors. It’s a Zombie Tsunami out there, and everyone is invited!
5/5 - "If you’re looking for a fantastic game, look no further!"
4.5/5 TouchArcade - "Zombie Tsunami is a game you really need to own"
5/5 AppSmile - "Featuring Pixar-like graphics, simple controls, and plenty of content"
4.5/5 148Apps - "It’s fun madness, emphasis on fun."
5/5 - "Revolutionary endless runner formula!"
5/5 - "Zombie Tsunami carves its own path with a great claymation style and roaming hordes of the walking, and jumping dead"

- Add as many zombies to your hoard as you can.
- Frantic flesh-eating fun for all the family!
- Keep going as long as at least one zombie is still running (and it doesn’t have to be the zombie you started with).
- Collect 8 different power-ups and bonuses to run further and destroy more.
- Turn over cars, buses, vehicles and tanks to eat the survivors inside.
- 300+ different missions to devour.
- 9 worldwide locations to stampede your zombies through.
- Optimized for all models of Android smartphones
- Featuring Blast Processing

Beginning with a single zombie running through the streets, chase down the living and add them to your chaotic procession of dashing undead. The more people you bite and add to your ranks, the longer the Zombie Tsunami can charge across the planet, eating everything in its way.
But brains aren’t the only thing you can eat as the Zombie Tsunami gets into full swing. Devour the bonuses and power-ups to activate the Giant Zombie with multiple lasers shooting out of its many eyeballs, sneak around the cities as a netherworld Ninja, or clone members of your zombie hoard with the UFO.
Zombie Tsunami is a fun-packed thrill-ride of destruction, excitement and tasty brains! Who can gather the biggest collection of charging zombies? Can you survive the gaping chasms, powerful bombs and streets filled with tanks with at least one flesh-eater still on its feet? Join the Zombie Tsunami and find out!


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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Greedy Mouse

Play Greedy Mouse
Check out the adventures of our funny greedy mouse, he just can39;t get enough food, you have to see it to believe it.
Have him eat as much as possible by guiding him using the tilt control on your Android device. Avoid sharp objects and traps and make sure you keep the poor guy on the tables.
Enjoy The Game play and music, make the greedy mouse your friend on Facebook Features:
2 different game play modes: ARCADE, SURVIVAL
7 levels per stage
50 food items
5 special food items

Join Greedy Mouse Fan Page:
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To Download this Game: CLICK HERE

Monday, September 16, 2013


BMX Boy for SGY

BMX Boy for SGY
Speeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the air and landing safety. The game "BMX Boy" is so easy but super fun.
You only need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles on the road and get the scores as possible as you can.
The way to play is very easy.
Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right one is accelerating and the other one is jumping).Show some cool tricks in the air can get extra points.
-Clear and simple pictures
-3 different terrains
-90 cool and addictive levels.
-Various cool tricks.
-More levels are coming soon.

BMX Boy for SGY

BMX Boy for SGY

BMX Boy for SGY

BMX Boy for SGY

BMX Boy for SGY

To Download this Game: CLICK HERE

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer

Memory Booster
Memory Booster is a powerful mobile memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android smartphone and tablet users. It is designed to tackle the difficult yet crucial problem of memory management for all Android devices. Memory Booster reclaims lost memory for your programs by defragmenting your smartphone's memory and recovering memory leaks from poorly behaved applications.
Supported languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Turkish
* Real-time Memory Status Report & Monitor
Memory Booster provides a live chart to demonstrate your device's total/free memory and current memory usage.
* One-click Quick Memory Boosting
Besides automatic memory boosting, Memory Booster also allows you to manually boost your memory by Quick Boost.
More features in upgraded version:
* Setting Your Performance Target
With Auto Boost Threshold set, Memory Booster keeps your memory higher than desired level, and act immediately if memory drops down.
* Auto-boosting in the Background
With Auto Boost Interval, Memory Booster runs in the background and automatically reclaims memory for your Android at interval.
* Android system crash protection
Memory Booster always watches your system resources and cleans up system memory once it reaches a critical point.
* And there is more..
Other features include embedded Task Killer, Whitelist Manager, Boost Level Manager & Memory Boost Log, which assist Memory Booster to perform more efficiently and friendly.

Memory Booster

Memory Booster

To Download this App: CLICK HERE

Need For Speed Shift for SGY


Gameplay in SGY

NFS It will only work in ROOTED Samsung Galaxy Young :) and you must have Chainfire3D installed in your Phone so that you can fix the Graphics of the Game or Any Game that requires Chainfire3D in our Samsung Galaxy Y Phone
What you Need is;

NOTE: TURN OFF your WiFi/2g/3gConnection when following the instruction, to not interrupt the Installing of the Game :) :

Open Chainfire 3D and open 'Default OpenGL Settings' and tick 'Reduce Texture Quality' and open 'Use Plugin' (Just Below the 'Reduce Texture Quality' tab) and select 'QUALCOMM'
Chainfire3D for Galaxy Y

Download These two things:
APK of the Game:
DATA of the Game:
unzip the file and put it in your sd card and
move the "com.eamobile.nfsshift_na_wf(Folder)" to Android/data/(here)
and install the nfs shift game and start .that's it :) have fun

How to Permanent Fix Black Screen when the Racing Starts 

Push the Lock Button and open it, now the game will be paused and you will now continue it by clicking the resume button.
now the Black Screen is Fixed. 

If you want to Change the Camera Angles :

FPse on Samsung Galaxy Y

FPse on Samsung Galaxy Y


Fpse on Samsung Galaxy Y
Tutorial -

1) Download and install FPSE+BIOS from here - 

2) Extract it to your SDcard and there was a 2 files the Fpse.Apk and SCPH1001.BIN 

3) Open the application, it will show some notices, read them and then after it the app will show you a screen where you will find names of files, then press the menu button.

4) There will be a menu coming up, then press the first option 

5) Now press the 'SYSTEM' tab

6) Now select 'Bios loading'

 7) Now you will enter the file manager mode, then select SD card at the bottom of the list

8) Now locate the place where you have kept your SCPH1001.BIN file.

9) Scroll down and select 'Default config save'

10) Now press back until you go back to the file list and locate the game in your SD card.

11) Here a game of Tekken 3 Link: 
(Don't Extract this, just open it using the emulator) 

12) The game will start. Play it with the onscreen gamepad

Bloody Roar Game:

Just Extract the rar of the Bloody Roar

Check the Frameskip Fix and set the Frameskip to 30fps on the Video Preferences, for Less Lag When Playing

~~~~~How to Display the Full Set of Buttons:~~~~~
Select, Start, L1&2 and R1&2 when in Landscape:
Open FPse,
Go to Options
and Go to INPUT
and then Touchscreen
Check the all the Button 1 to 5 
and save it by going to the System 
and Select "Default config save"

Get FPse Game HERE:

Tap Sonic Rhythm Action for Samsung Galaxy Young

Tap Sonic Rhythm Action for Samsung Galaxy Young

Gameplay in SGY

Feel the flow !

Tap & Slide Tap Sonic by Neowiz

★★ Tap Sonic wins App Award Korea 2011 "The Best Entertainment App of the Year ★★
Tap, tap, tap and slide your fingers to the beat with TAP SONIC! 

TAP SONIC by Neowiz is the newest and most exciting way to enjoy the latest tunes on your Android device. Don’t just listen to the music, tap the beat and slide the rhythm with TAP SONIC! 

You can play games with popular American hit pops, the hottest K-pops and all time classic music.

*/ Please read this first */ 

- Free songs are constantly being added. 

- Level, leaderboard and multi-play features will be added soon. 

- After first download and playback of a song, you can play it instantly afterward. 

- Enjoy more variety of songs with your Music Points.

*/ Features */ 

- A variety of dynamic gaming options (Speed/Random/Fade) to suit different levels and preferences. 

- Star Points are earned every time you play TAP SONIC, and you can use the points for Score Bonus and/or Energy Up items! 

- Choices of difficulty levels to suit everyone’s gaming level (4, 5, or 6 line; Basic, Pro, Legend levels) 

- The Non-Stop play mode allows you to select up to 3 songs to loop so that you can enjoy playing without pausing.


Tap Sonic Rhythm Action for Samsung Galaxy Young

Tap Sonic Rhythm Action for Samsung Galaxy Young

Tap Sonic Rhythm Action for Samsung Galaxy Young

Tap Sonic Rhythm Action for Samsung Galaxy Young

Download Links:

(Original Theme):

(Love Ritmo Themed): 

DATA: Full Download (choose one link)

it Works on Non Rooted and Rooted Phone

How to Install:

1. Download the apk and data
2. Install the apk(Don't Run it yet)
3. Extract the data via WinRAR or WinZip 
4. Once you are done extracting it, you will see a file named ".tapsonic"
5. Copy the ".tapsonic" folder to your SDCARD.

6. then now Open/Run the game.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Paper Toss 2.0

Paper Toss 2.0: Now With Twice The Time-Killing Fun.
❝ Paper Toss 2.0 is a great new free game for wasting time and procrastinating real work. ❞ ~ Review
❝ Download Paper Toss 2.0 with confidence. It’s a classic time waster gone digital, a major upgrade over the original, and best of all, it's free. ❞ ~ Review
The mega-hit Paper Toss game franchise just got a big promotion to Paper Toss 2.0. Remember those pesky "Hey, you hit me!" co-workers from the original Paper Toss? In 2.0 you can throw right at them, you devil. You'll still score points by flicking wads of paper into the office trash can (now with a handsome new ergonomic design). Plus, try your skills with flaming paper balls, tossable bananas, tomatoes, grenades and other stuff to hurl in all-new settings.
Since it's initial launch in June 2009, Paper Toss has been downloaded over 100 million times. Paper Toss 2.0 takes tossing to an entirely new level. It's a free app, because that's our thing. With it, you get:
★ Bananas, grenades and other new tossables
★ Annoying co-workers to toss stuff at
★ Moving targets and bank shots
★ Brand new levels plus classic favorites
★ Breakable, exploding office objects
★ Power-ups to boost your scores
Version 2.0 is so realistic, you'll think you're actually killing time in an office cubicle. (Maybe you are. We won't tell anyone.)
➤ Install Paper Toss 2.0 - It's Free!
Paper Toss 2.0 is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile games like NinJump, DragonVale, Ragdoll Blaster, Strike Knight, Army of Darkness Defense, Shape Shift and Graffiti Ball. Search Google Play for "Backflip Studios" to see all our apps.
Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitter for free game announcements and other updates.
Thanks for playing!


To Download this Game: CLICK HERE

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano for SGY
Perfect Piano - v5.8.1
Use this app to learn to play piano and drum kit with realistic instrument sounds.
1. Support Full Keyboards of Piano.
2. Single Row Mode. Dual Row Mode. Two Player Mode.
3. Multi-Touch.
4. Touch pressure detecting.
5. Key width adjustment.
6. Five Keyboards Program: Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, Synth.
7. Record and Playback. Support MIDI and Audio.
8. Sharing recordings to friends.
9. Set the recording files as Ringtone.
10. Learn to play mode. Preload 70 Sample songs.
11. Learn to play sample songs downloadable. More songs are uploading.
Drum Pad:
1. Play Along feature: Play beats while playback your favorite mp3.
2. Five DrumKit Program: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance.
3. Auto play mode: Using 2 finger to spread on a drum will trigger auto play mode: 6 speed level
4. Learn Demo Beats: Rock, Ballad, ChaCha, Disco, Latin Rock, Polka, Waltz etc.
5. Multi-Touch. Recording and Playback etc. Record MIDI. Set As Ringtone etc.
Drum Machine:
1. Create your own beats.
2. Five DrumKit Program: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance.
3. 11 preload demo patterns.
4. Pitch control.
5. Speed control.
6. Save/Reload pattern.
1. Many user complain that sound failed loading sometimes. Please use 'switch instruments' function to reload sounds.
2. Please send your question or feedback on using this app to us. Our email:
What are you waiting for? Let the music come out under your finger!
A simple melody:
G5 A5 B5 D6 D6 E6 D6 B5 G5, G5 A5 B5 B5 A5 G5 A5.
G5 A5 B5 D6 D6 E6 D6 B5 G5, G5 A5 B5 B5 A5 A5 G5.

Perfect Piano for SGY

Perfect Piano for SGY

Perfect Piano for SGY

Perfect Piano for SGY

Perfect Piano for SGY

To Download this Game: CLICK HERE

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