Sunday, August 25, 2013

[KERNEL][Battery Saver] savieSGY "savie@buitenzorg"

*CWM Recovery - Download Here
*Rooted Galaxy Young

Video Tutorial:

1. Choose/Download one kernel above, and Put it to your SDcard
2. Power off your SGY then go to the Recovery mode by HOLDING Volume-Up+Home Button+Power Button at the Same time and Flash CWM.
3. Install zip from sdcard>choose zip from sdcard>>Yes
4. Then Reboot.... DONE


Latest Kernel:  savieSGY#1

Features savieSGY:
- dualboot
- droidwall support
- cifs support
- swap support
- bacem tweak integrated -100mV as default
- 4 freq ( 312, 468, 624, 832 )
- ext4 support
- sd-ext integrated
- cm7 support
- 18 governor and 5 iosched
- battery tweak integrated
- #60REV1 features
- cwm recovery
#73REV with AROMA
- Main Features:
* 5 freq (156-312-468-624-832)
* dualboot support
* CM7/9 support
* cwm recovery 5.x.x
* system-replacer support
* init.d support
* swap support
* ext2/ext3/ext4 support
* sio-iosched
* smartassV2 governor
* sdcard and battery tweak
- Additional Features:
* 3 iosched
* 18 governor
* bacem tweak (-80mV)
* cifs modules
* activate 2ndROM
* droidwall modules
Ps. I dont include modules like repencis or merruk kernel coz still need investigate all modules and as long as i know that modules not loaded/still not working well.

Here my latest report of kernel60rev1&2:

All features work but no luck with a2sd-draktemor, but out there so many method moving internal to external. Link2sd is optional app that support in my kernel and i still try to create simple script like a2sd but of course not support a2sdgui just titanium backup.

Its cause of dualboot features, but the advance u can use data to internal and dual rom with some script. For me its very usefull to test custom rom (i try cm7 in 2nd rom) but of course still need modified script to install custom rom to 2nd rom.

I think this is not simple kernel if u have ability to explore all features and most of features not build from me but irfanbagus, i just combine, modified, and explore all features.

If ur using creed u need 2 files (sysinit and 99complete) from draktemor-script here (
but don't install the draktemor-script
Just extract and copy this files :
- before create init.d folder /system/etc/init.d (stock rom and stock kernel without init.d support)
- copy 99complete to system/etc/init.d
- copy sysinit to system/bin
- fix the permission

Something screw for governor modules in #73REV..

How to solve governor and iosched modules in #73REV:
1. Extract
2. Download and extract
3. Change governor modules from ../GovIo-tweak-1/system/lib/modules/* to ../savie73REV_kernel/savieKernel/*
4. Repackage savie73REV_kernel as zip
5. Install via cwm

Another method:
1. Install via cwm and choose custom installation
2. Check all governor and iosched on installation prosses
3. Download and extract
4. Put governor and/or iosched that u wanna replace (from 3rd step) in /sdcard/.system-replacer/lib/modules/*
5. Restart ur phone

This is another way to have 18 Governor and 5 I/O scheduler.
List of governor:

bcm21553 and performance not include in this tweak coz it's sgy default governor.

List of I/O scheduler

Adding 4 governor (

Credit and thank to:

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