Saturday, August 24, 2013

[APP][GAME] GameBoid - GBA Emulator for Samsung Galaxy Y

What is GameBoid?
GameBoid is the very famous GameBoy Advance emulator optimized for Android.
  • BEST compatibility compared to any other GBA emulators running on mobile devices.
  • Run most games at full speed with sound
  • Customizable on-screen translucent keypad
  • Save/Load game states at ANY point!
  • In-game battery save
  • Cheats
  • Fast-forward (turbo)
  • Switching between multiple key profiles
yonghz is making this app free for download only for a limited period of time (eg. 2 weeks) to make already-paid Android Market customers happy. Thanks for the understanding!

  1. GameBoid -
  2. GBA Bios -
  3. GBA ROMs - (4 Links only :P. If you don't like the 4 links find yourself)
Instructions (For New Users)
  1. Download the GameBoid.apk and gba_bios.bin in the provided link.
  2. Install GameBoid.apk and open it
  3. Now it will warn you that it needs GBA Bios file. Browse it until you see the gba_bios.bin that you have been downloaded. Choose it.
  4. Choose GBA ROM and you can play now :-).
Best Settings for GameBoid
  1. Audio & video settings -> Scaling mode -> Stretched
  2. Input settings -> Virtual keypad settings -> Vibrate on keypress must be unchecked.
  3. Other settings -> Orientation -> Landscape
Now you can now enjoy playing your GBA ROM games. Enjoy!

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