Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hyperion plus [FINAL update 24/04/13]

Fist is I want to thank to mr. CARL, C.O.D, and also REPENCIS because for the AMAZING ROM and FRAMEWORK..and the small tool
but a very very big help to me the REPLACER and I just want to clarify that I am not stealing work of others, I am here to help you out because I know that were waiting for the final release of Hyperion. 

this may be the last update guys because I am am going to abroad (my work) this week  

In about phone you will see there "owner" which is default may vary in your build.prop so let say "GINGERBREAD" or what so ever, in order to change, it well open the editor in "DEV OPTIONS"
edit the "" edit the existing line there, it should like this

" name"

So the word "my name" will be shown in the about phone under owner after reboot.. 



Flash this using CWM-DOWNLOAD CWM 

Hey before installing this update you should have fresh HYPERION ROM installed or removed the last update youve installed from this thread..

By the way guys Here is the modified framework-res.apk which is from C.O.Ds framework. What changes is actually i cant elaborate exactly but in the pop-up menu is the default white with black header and holo blue outline. The reason why i make it like that is there are some apps that i cant see text well you can see here

Font on screenshots:

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