Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Youtube's Newest Update with New UI 5.0

33_Screenshot_Nexus4_ENGoogle today started rolling out a major new version of YouTube for Android. This update is one of the most significant for the service in a long time and introduces a cool in-app multitasking feature that lets you minimize the screen while you browse channels or perform searches. It also features Google’s standard “card” interface.
Until now, viewers had to stop the video. In this new version, the video will just move to the bottom-right corner of the screen and continue playing. From there, you can always get back to full-screen mode or just swipe right or left to dismiss the video.
This new “picture-in-picture” feature is the highlight of today’s release, but the YouTube team also added a bunch of other new features. You can now, for example, more easily search for and browse channels for playlists to watch collections of videos back-to-back.
A new update to the official YouTube app on Android has started rolling out as version 5.0.21. To put it simply, the update is huge. It introduces an entirely new card-style UI, a way to continue watching videos while your browse, and more. A reader just tossed it over to us, so we’re digging through with jaws dropped and drool all over our desk. But so far, I think I can safely say that you’ll all be impressed.
It’s not clear when this update will hit iOS, but a Google rep told me it will come to all platforms soon.
Download the Newest Youtube :  (HERE)

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