Thursday, August 22, 2013

[MOD] New Megabass (Audio Booster for Samsung Galaxy Young)

Hi, I just wanna share. This mod can boost system sound to make more powerfull.

Fitur :
- MegaBass system with beats, srs and alsa
- Dsp mod and Dolby with more options:
- 1 option in compression
- 1 option bass ( I think you won't use bass option in MegaBass )
- 4 options in equalizer
- 2 options in loudness
- and 2 options virtual
- More clearly sounds

Changeloge for V4 [Update 19th March 2013]
- we going to logic and clean audio so I remove Beats libraries from this mod and the results you can feel the different sound with before, so you must fresh install for this

note :
If you has installed MegaBass must restoring your backup rom than install this mod

Installation :
- Backup your rom
- Remove DSPManager / others equalizer app (If you have here)
- Put the file in sdcard
- Go to CWM recovery
- Instal the file
- Reboot

#Use music player with playback or audio effect option
Originally Posted by geva28 View Post
Try this setup in BEATSManager 

For best headset quality, in Beats Headset:
- dinamic range compression,
- x-bass, disabled
- equalizer, enable+beats
- headset virtual room effect ,

For higher ringtones, in xLoud speaker:
- X-Bass, enabled + slight
- Equalizer, enabled + Beats Virtualizer
Originally Posted by mawskii View Post
For best Rock/ Metal Music,

in Beats Headset:
- dinamic range compression = enable+superior
- x-bass, disabled
- equalizer = enable+beats bass+strongest
- headset virtual room effect = disabled

in Noozy Player:
- check Noozoxide Balanced x-EQ Processor
- check Noozoxide LogicSurround Es Processor - slide the bar below halfway

try it if you love rock/ metal music! \m/

Note: if you are using Hyperion 8 with Hyperion Plus Final, you have to disabled Beats Audio and System Equilizer, else the Megabass will force close

Originally Posted by KnightlyNinja View Post
Use noozy player with virtual surround and bass turned on to get an awesome sound after installing this mod

Try it it's great.
Download Noozy Player here 

Happy enjoy new sounds 

Credit :
- geva28

I have test it in Samsung Galaxy Y using ROM HYPERION 8 and ROM EVO X-3 it work fine no fc.
Good Luck 


Official thread by geva28 :

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