Saturday, August 24, 2013

BeyBlade HD for Samsung Galaxy Y

The first BeyBlade game on Android.
This is Beta demo of the game, full version will be released later.
ttle against other BeyBlades. You can many different parts and build your custom BeyBlades, and then battle with them in a quick match or maybe in a tournament.
With realtime physics the matches will never go same way, and the BeyBlades will behave realistically when they are hit.
*Good performance, 60 fps even on mid-range devices
*Quality graphics
*Realistic physics
*Dynamic camera in matches
*Soundtrack with almost 20 songs
*Many BeyBlades and parts (more coming in the full version)
*Many BeyBlade battle stadiums
*No ads

version: 0.8.6b
*New BeyBlade: Flash Leopard
*Changed the swipe control area to be whole screen insted of just one specified corner. The swipes are detected relative to the starting point of the swipe.
*Added fog effects option for faster devices. Can be turned on and off in options.
*Fixed some textures


To Download the Game: CLICK HERE
(This Game is Playable on SGY)

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