Friday, August 23, 2013

[ROM]miniROM S3 Inspired (w/ Orange Theme + Cyanogen Taste Theme + EightyGray Theme)

1. This mod is only slightly advanced version of miniROM stockrom theme that needs some editing manifest that lead the whole system in the app should re-sign
2. do not expect this 100% similar with the original S3, maybe just similar only 0.00000000000000001%
3. Cut no additional scripts
4. No custom kernel
 5. There must be the possibility of bugs.

Note : Please do not Mirror Installation 

1. Fresh Stock firmware (DXLE1, DXLF1, DXLJ1)
2. CWM
3. Wipe data and Cache partition
4. Install zip
5. reboot

Installation :  
  • flash via cwm

  • fix battery bar
  • fix contacts.apk
  • fix mms
  • fix contacts.apk (fast scroll added)
  • fixed joined contacts tab shows no text
  • fixed black text in font list
  • fixed lockscreen (samsung circle)
  • fixed dark text in mms
  • touchwiz with bottom page indicator
  • modded my files
  • some new pngs in contacts, dialer, myfiles, etc
  • changed 4G icon to original H icon (people won't laugh at U)
  • black texfield with grey text color, more looks like the real one (U can still read the text even in white textfield)
  • new phone.apk
  • added miniROM wallpaper
  • fixed myfiles
  • added option to disable/enable system lockscreen
  • new list highlight/list selector
  • new power on sound
  • modded-task manager
  • fixed-package installer
  • fully working gesture lockscreen (with top action bar)
  • modded-framework

------ MiniROM Xperia_Inspired (Timescape UI) ------

------ MiniROM S3 Senses ------

------ MiniROM S3 ChocoBanana ------

Credit to :
- Ryan Febriyadi [Dev]
- All member n mastah official Galaxy Y Indonesia------ miniROM "Slate_Orange_Theme" ------
Download Link :
credit :
- Ryan Febriyadi
- Firman Kuraps
- official grup galaxy young
- xda developer
credit :
- Ryan Febriyadi
- Firman Kuraps
- official grup galaxy young
- xda developer------ miniROM "miniROM-EightyGray Theme" ------
Download Link :

Credits :
- Ryan Febriadi
- Nabilah JK48
- Tab and Lockscreen"sensetheme"
- Adhe Daifullah Muhsin
- Official group galaxy y
- Group fb galpock community

Alin Marin @XDA
b16h22 @XDA
lidroid @XDA
hansip87 @XDA
pratyush.creed @XDA
agmtpd @XDA
um Hagh Cuih
33D Invader dev team
GoogleOfficial Galaxy Young 

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