Thursday, August 22, 2013

[MOD][PORT][root] Bravia Engine 3 for Samsung Galaxy Young

The Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 3 is a video enhancement program for Sony phones. It uses filters and algorithms to create a clearer and more contrasted picture and an overall smoother experience. This is perfect for the Note II's huge HD screen but can be a little to saturated for people like photographers who want to see how the photo looks exactly with out any enhancements. The change is not huge but is definitely noticeable if two devices are compared. This program is very light weight and works with all models of the Note II so far. 

Some of the users were having problem using Bravia Engine 2 and some error. But here I Ported the Bravia Engine 3 to work on Galaxy Y.
Note: It is very difficult to notice the difference, but you will experience the clearity of motion picture.

Steps to install Bravia Engine 3.

###***Just download the zip and follow the step to install Bravia Engine 3 and nothing else you have to do with editing build.prop in Bravia Engine 3***###

1) Make a backup[May be needed if something goes wrong]
2) Place the zip in root of you sd card.
3) Boot to CWM recovery. DOWNLOAD CWM HERE:

4) Mount system
5) Install the zip
5) Reboot

Updated Download link[06JUNE2013]
Download : Bravia Engine 3

If want to remove Bravia Engine 3 Download the script from the link Bravia Engine 3 Remover

Do at your own risk. I will be not responsible if anything happened to your phone.


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