Friday, August 23, 2013

[KERNEL] kuro kernel for SGY ( Compatible in All ROM )

this is my compiled kernel, builded from samsung source code ( please read this whole post before you install this kernel in your device and don't expect something "WOW" from this kernel since its only my kernel for my daily usage. 

the main interest of this kernel is to build a kernel which:
1. compatible to all rom (custom n stock)*.
2. simple, light, yet still customizable
3. save more batteries
4. decent performance

if you're looking for a kernel as described above, then this thread will give what you want.

special built kernel with a2sd full support -- for advance user

note: clearly stated for advance user. don't ask me why it didn't boot up in your rom.
basic feature: 
1. init.d script support
2. Advance Power Management enabled (not 100% working but it solve the screen issue)
3. built in droidwal support and bacem tweak
4. 4 freq
5. a few more gov and io sched

how to: flash the file via CWM.

1. irfanbagus for the patch and bacem tweak
2. savie for the help for 4 freq
3. marcotoo for the nice discussion about kernel on his thread and the solution for deep sleep from his patch thread.
4. harish for the tools
5. maroc aka yahya, edoko, tegrak, sdadier, droidzone @github for source code
6. last but not least you...for support and nice development atmosphere here. keep follow the rules guys.

this thread intent is for sharing. feel free to use, edit, distribute all material inside this thread which came from me. if there any parts of this mod which comes not from me please refer to the original dev I've mentioned in this thread. if want to share it to another forum or modify it you don't have to ask my permission. no need to credits, put links or whatsoever. you'll only need to remember that you should held all the responsibility by using this mod, modify it or distribute it. DO IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK
1. please don't ask anything about CWM. I prefer to never put it on my kernel.
2. trying to fix the 3rd freq but still no luck. we have 312-x-624-832 freq but the (x) freq is still buggy and imperfect. I think we need some help to fix it. already tried with 416, 442, 468, 520 but the bug is still there.
3. sorry, no a2sd support at this moment. you can use dsixda's kitchen or harish's tools to build a kernel with repencis's ramdisk to make this kernel support a2sd by yourself. the good thing is that your a2sd will work but it will also make your device boot (a lot) longer. I prefer to not use it on my kernel since I never use a2sd. 
4. I give you three 'cats' gov in this kernel
powercats = lazy --> performance 
blackcats = smartassv2 --> balanced setting
activecats = intellidemand --> battery saver
they have been tweaked and renamed just to make you easier when choosing the govs. 
5. if you have a2sd running in your device, please uninstall it before installing this kernel. or else, you'll get bootloop

v0.1 :
first released version

v0.2 :
- swap
- ext4
- more iosched
- optimized conservative for battery saving
- ciffs (not really needed but it will be usefull if someone might want to use it)

v0.3 :
- new freq configuration (312-468-624-832). less sudden jumped out freq from 312 to 624 but it still imperfect yet.
- new govs, wheatley removed. now conservative is set as default for battery saving option.
- configured iosched, sio as default.
- now it use a part of koneu patch to fix deep sleep problem

v0.4 :
- minor tune on the kernel source and configuration
- as requested, OTG stuff added**.

- minor tune on battery management
- tun.ko build in
- few sound API and driver added
- as requested, NTFS modules built in

- lil bit tuning. trying to fix ntfs problem
- KSM for page merging support
- HID support

- alternate version of 0.5.1 without any OTG related stuff

- 6 frequencies
- setting for conservative and blackcats modified to match the new freqs.

- 5 frequencies. 780mhz almost never used so I removed it (468 is a buffer to prevent the freq suddenly jump to max freq. it actually working at 312mhz)
- HID driver removed (you don't even know what it is)
- few API removed for lightweightness
- CIFS removed since almost no one use it.
- deepsleep bug from v0.6.9 fixed
- screen problem fixed (never happened on mine but need report from users)
- battery APM

- black screen bug fixed

* CM is not supported. sorry.
** OTG stuff still untested. the driver and NTFS modules required is inside it but I don't have the equipment to test it.




Instruction how to install:
1. Download the kernel and Put it to your SDcard
2. Power off your SGY then go to the Recovery mode by HOLDING Volume-Up+Home Button+Power Button at the Same time and Flash CWM.
3. Install zip from sdcard>choose zip from sdcard>>Yes
4. Then Reboot.... DONE

# DXLF deodexed ROM (reported count: 1)
reason : error due to tweak inside it. already fixed.

please report here if you find my kernel doesn't boot. specify your system in details like : the rom, tweaks, a2sd/non a2sd, kernel version. I'm trying my best to make this kernel compatible with all rom (except CM). all kernel kernel here is already tested in my device before I uploaded it. however, my work might not perfect yet so that it might won't boot in several ROM.
kernel source link: (it only contain the modified files. you need to download the whole source code from samsung at I'm using update 2 for european region).


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